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Tip #1 for buying rural vacant land

1. Understand your expectations.

Have a vision. By understanding your expectations for current use and future disposition, you’ll make your search for the perfect property much easier. Begin with the end in mind (as Steven Covey would say). When you’ve finished enjoying the land, is your vision to re-sell or pass on to your heirs? Many who purchase land in northcentral Minnesota are looking for land on which to hunt and recreate today and build a retirement home in the future. There are lots of choices out there, and having a vision will help guide your search.

Determine what characteristics that are important to you for the purpose your land will serve (home site, hunting land, recreational use such as ATV riding or cross-country skiing, investment, development, or some combination of these). Are you tied to a particular geographic area, perhaps a particular county or city or somewhere near friends or relatives? Is electricity availability, public road access, high speed internet access, or other factors of paramount importance to you? There are lots of choices out there, and knowing what’s important to you will help you hone in on what’s best for you.

Visit Land Purchasing in our Toolbox for more tips, and feel free to Contact Us so that we can offer additional guidance to assist you in locating a property that fits your needs and expectations.