Services and Capabilities

How we serve our clients

Our mission at Close~Converse and is to provide the highest quality full-service land and commercial real estate services in greater Minnesota. With our team of real estate professionals, we bring you over 120 years of experience in real estate–land, commercial, residential, investments, development, and business opportunities. Click to learn more About Us.

Our competencies and services include:

  • Brokerage.
    Over a century of combined experience means we can expertly guide and represent landowners who wish to sell or exchange their properties and businesses. We have encountered most situations that could arise in a transaction and are creative and tenacious at making transactions work.
  • Entitlements.
    land advisors have outstanding relationships with local governing units, which makes the process of gaining entitlements far less stressful for landowners and developers.
  • Development.
    As land developers ourselves, we understand the process; know how to optimize value; and work with governing bodies, legal and accounting experts, and other professionals to yield best results.
  • Buyer services.
    We are trusted advisers who serve as a knowledgeable source of critical information about the market and valuations. We aim to provide more than just the basic knowledge about properties; create comprehensive, understandable material that is useful to you; offer our own customized website; utilize a variety of other listing and marketing sites and methods; and create specific marketing plans focused on getting properties in front of ideal purchasers.
  • Negotiation and Closing Coordination.
    Our experts work hard to negotiate on your behalf and make transactions work. We think creatively and make every effort to bring buyers and sellers to an agreement and through a successful closing. We will initiate the closing process on your behalf and keep track of the progress so you don’t have to.
  • Investment Analysis.
    Analyzing your investment for optimal return can be complex and includes a number of factors like taxation, timing, and entitlements. Our
    land advisors will bring clarity to issues so that you can make your best decisions.
  • Team Coordination/Project Management.
    Multiple team members must work together for projects to be successful. Our staff collaborates with an array of professionals to ensure your project’s timeliness and success.
  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange.
    Tax strategies, such as the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange, can greatly improve your return on investment and enhance your wealth building strategy. Our team has been involved with many of these and is prepared to assist you as well.