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Should I try to re-zone my property?

The decision to re-zone or gain any other entitlement for your property depends on what you want or plan to do with the property and/or if a different zoning than its current zoning is needed to actualize the property’s highest and best use.

For instance, if your land is currently zoned “Agricultural” (for which the minimum tract size may be 35 acres) and you believe it could be subdivided and sold as 2.5 acre tracts, you may want to pursue having your property re-zoned to a zoning classification that allows tracts of that size. Although a different zoning “entitles” the land to what you may see as a higher and better use, understand that your neighbors and others may not agree and may object to the re-zoning attempt.

You will want to talk with your county planning and zoning department, a land surveyor or other land expert, and a real estate professional to explore the feasibility of re-zoning, understand the process and expenses involved, and assure you that a re-zoning entitlement would indeed allow for a higher and better use of your property and give it more value.