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What I can do with land?

Several factors will affect what you can do with land.

  • Zoning classification and regulations may allow only certain uses or have building or subdivision restrictions.
  • Waterfront may be subject to shoreland ordinances and Department of Natural Resources regulations.
  • Properties that front a river or lake controlled by a dam may be subject to Corps of Engineers regulations.
  • Properties within a special-use district (such as a sanitary or water service district) or a flood zone may also have certain restrictions.
  • Easements or other encumbrances (such as power lines) may impact the property.
  • Covenants or deed restrictions that were recorded on the property may have additional regulations for building or subdividing.

The governing county or city planning and zoning department(s) can tell you what a property’s current zoning is, what is allowed under the current zoning, and answer a myriad of other questions you might have.

You should also review an abstract, title opinion, or some other form of evidence that would identify reservations or restrictions on the land.

A local land surveyor will have expert knowledge of land characteristics and features that impact how land can be used or developed, and they can provide services that will identify the unique characteristics and features of a particular property land and how to maximize its potential.

A qualified real estate professional can analyze a property and provide valuable insight into market trends, sales data, and what prospective buyers are seeking.