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How can I add value to my land?

Although the value of your land depends on a variety of subjective and objective variables and market forces, there are a variety of value enhancements that you could explore.

  • Entitlements – Rezoning, variances, special use permits, and other such approvals may give you or a future landowner the right to achieve a property’s highest and best use or develop a property in provisional ways.
  • Development plans – Exploring the subdivision potential for your property, and perhaps even having concept plans created and/or obtaining necessary approval(s), will give reveal options for utilizing your property and/or could make your property more attractive to prospective buyers who are looking for developable property.
  • Physical changes and management – Practicing sustainable forestry and stewardship, enriching wildlife habitat, improving accesses and trails, preserving natural features, creating appealing views, having your land surveyed to identify corners and boundaries and unique features of your land, and other ways of caring for and improving land will all contribute to its current and future value. We have links to some great resources in the Land Enjoying section of our Toolbox.