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Do I need a survey?

For your convenience, listings on may include GPS coordinates to approximate corners and points of properties based on county GIS mapping. Many buyers find this sufficient for their use of a property. However, a survey done by a licensed land surveyor is the only way to know exact corner and boundary locations, which can be peace of mind to a buyer and could result in a better price and faster sale for a seller.

The need to have land surveyed, and the level of survey information needed, depends on several factors, including:

  • Location of the property – Is it near a city or developed area, or is it remote with difficult access and surrounded by land that may have never been surveyed?
  • Intended use of the property – Different levels of survey information may be needed if you planning to build structure(s), develop or improve the property, or just use it for hunting and recreation.
  • Plans to improve the property – Will you be planting trees  or harvesting/thinning the timber? Do you plan to build a home or other structure(s)? Does a road or drive need to be put in?

Land surveying services can range from simply locating and marking property corners and boundaries on a property to providing a certified survey drawing depicting topography, improvements, wetlands and other special features, and ALTA/ACSM land title specifications. Costs are related to location of the property, availability of other survey data in the area, and the scope of services and information needed. Consult a licensed land surveyor, the county surveyor, and the local governing body to determine what information you may need for your intended purpose and associated costs.